MyLibrary - Maps

Pictures of geographic locations

  1. Charles Booth's 1889 Descriptive Map of London Poverty - An interactive map of London illustrating where the hightest concentration of poverty existed in 1889
  2. Google Maps - An interactive map-making site enhanced with satelite imagery
  3. Greenwood's Map of London, 1827 - "Greenwood's map is scaled at eight inches to the mile, covers London and surroundings and stretches out to Earls Court in the West, to the River Lea and Greenwich in the East, Highgate to the North and to the South, Camberwell"
  4. Map of John Snow's London in 1859 - "A historical map with sites of Victorian London during the time of Dr. John Snow (1813-58), the prominent epidemiologist and anesthesilogist."
  5. MapQuest - Provides maps of most United States towns as well as driving directions
  6. Rand McNally - Maps of all kinds
  7. Reynolds' Map of London - An interactive map of London from 1895