About MyLibrary@Infomotions

MyLibrary@Infomotions is a collection of Internet resources brought together to support the content of the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts, therefore you will find here items relating to American and English literature and Western philosophy.

When reading texts it is sometimes interesting to explore a particular idea presented in the text in greater detail. For example, you might want to look up the definition of a word or you might want to read a short history regarding a place or time. In either case a dictionary or an encyclopedia will prove useful. MyLibrary@Infomotions should simplify access to these things.

More specifically, if you are reading a particular work or purusing the writings of a particular author you may want to know more about that particular work or author. Again, MyLibrary@Infomotions will hopefully make it easier for you find this information. This is because the links found in MyLibrary@Infomotions have been selected with these tasks in mind. No searching a huge index. No guessing which link to choose. Just select and read.

We hope your use of MyLibrary@Infomotions proves useful. Don't hesitate to drop us a line.